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Eliane V. Adebiyi also known as Lily has been in the business for over 25 years and has many accomplishments. She is the  salon owner, master Braider/stylist, weave specialist, Makeup artist and Business Instructor. She is licensed in Maryland as well as in the state of Texas. After working in Maryland for the past 25 years, she recently as of 3years ago relocated to the Houston area location. As she planned on opening her hair salon in the early 2020's the pandemic hit. Thus, put all of those plans in halt. She has continue to service her clientele in her home until May, 2023 when she decided to move into her studio. At home she was very limited as she narrowed her services to just braiding.

"I am looking forward to continue to service my old as well as new clienteles. I am excited to be able to resume business as usual by providing all of my services without any limitation." Lily

Eliane V. Adebiyi (Lily)

Sr. Makeup Artist, Master Stylist

--------& Salon Owner-------

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